• Aqua Fest 2017

    Aqua Fest event was held in 2017 in this event more then 500 youth among all over the country partecipated .The purpose of this event was to unite the youth all over pakistan and to present the diverse culture from different areas of pakistan.

  • Indus River Water Jeep Race

    Indus River Water Jeep Race was held in 2016 where more than 30 jeep clubs of pakistan partecipated to show their skills in such water sports activity .Winners were awarded with shields.

  • Aman Mela 2015

    Aman Mela was held in 2015 due to the law and order situation and high terrorism in the country the tourism sector was disturbed. The purpose of aman mela was to unite the citizen of pakistan and show the world (How much peacefull is Pakistan).The main motive of this event was under the slogan "TOURISM NOT TERRORISM" and destination pakistan

  • Jashan e Bharan 2017

    Jashan e Bharan events was held in 2017 with the collaboration of tourism corporation khyber pakhtunkhwa .In which lucky Irani Circus shown their skills for the firs time in province khyber pakhtunkhwa. Diverse culture from all over the pakistan was presented .